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🚀 Accelerated Lending Group presents California Trust Deed Note investments,  yielding 8% – 13% annually. 💰 Low risk, secured by tangible real property. 

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  • 💰 Higher Return:  Unlock 8% – 13% annually!

  • 🏡 Lower Risk:  Secured by California real estate.

  • 🌟 Greater Stability:  Fixed interest payments.

  • 🌐 Contact Us:  Explore our trust deeds at 661-489-5363

  • 💡 Smart Investing:  Join us for a prosperous future!

We continually seek qualified investors.

To explore our current trust deeds, contact Accelerated Lending Group at 661-489-5363.

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🔑 Investor Net Worth/Income Disclosure:  As an investor, you will be required to sign a disclosure stating that your investment in any single trust deed offering does not exceed 10% of your net worth, as required by California Business and Professions Code, Section 10232.45. This is to ensure compliance with California state law.*
📈 Please be aware that Investments carry risks, including the potential loss of capital. They are not insured, and past performance does not guarantee future results. All investors will receive necessary disclosure documents prior to investing.
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🏦 There is no obligation for you to join and we will ensure your privacy. Accelerated Lending Group operates as a Trust Deed Investment Company (TDIC), fully licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate. We specialize in providing private money (hard money) funding to borrowers navigating outside the traditional banking system. This funding is sourced from private investors looking to diversify and fortify their portfolios.This message is for informational purposes only.* The financial situation of each individual may vary, which could result in different interest rates, fees, and payments.* All programs are subject to change at any time without notice.*

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