💵  Investing in fractionalized loans💵 

💴 Investing in fractionalized loans, where multiple investors contribute smaller amounts towards a single loan until it is fully funded.* 

💶 Procedures for funding large loans may involve fractionalization or other strategies.*

💷 We are pleased to report that Accelerated Lending Group had another successful month with record production.*

💵 We have been able to fund an increasing number of loans, including larger ones. It's great to see our business continuing to grow and thrive.*

💴 In order to fund some of the larger loans, we have had to "fractionalize" the loan, which means dividing it into smaller amounts and having multiple investors contribute the funds needed to complete it.*

💶 For example, if we have a loan for $500,000, we may ask two investors to each contribute $250,000.
Or, if the loan is for a slightly larger amount, such as $650,000, we may ask one investor to contribute $200,000,
another to contribute $200,000, a third to contribute $200,000, and a fourth to contribute $50,000.
This is a common and effective investment strategy.*

💷 Here are some potential benefits and drawbacks of "fractionalization" from the perspective of an investor: *


  • Allows investors to participate in larger loans that they may not have been able to fund on their own *

  • Provides the opportunity to diversify investments and spread risk across multiple borrowers *

  • Can generate higher returns compared to other types of investments *


  • It is important for all investors to agree on a plan of action in the event that the loan experiences difficulties.*

  • The key decision that needs to be made is whether or not to foreclose on the property.*

  • Typically, it should be clear whether or not this is the best course of action.* 

  • The risk of default or loss is shared with other investors, so the impact of any negative outcomes may be diluted* 

  • Some investors may prefer the simplicity and control of investing in a single loan rather than a fractionalized one.* 

💰 "Fractionalization" refers to the process of dividing a loan into smaller amounts that can be funded by multiple investors.*

💵 The range of investment amounts can vary, from as little as $50,000 to as much as $1,000,000.*

💴 By understanding this concept, investors may have more opportunities to participate in a wider variety of loan opportunities.* 

💶 If you are interested in high-yield investment opportunities,  please click here to fill out the online form so we can contact you. * 📝

📞 You can also call our office at 661-489-5363 if you have any questions*

This message is for informational purposes only.*
The financial situation of each individual may vary, which could result in different interest rates, fees, and payments.*
All programs are subject to change at any time without notice.*


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