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At Accelerated Lending Group, we harness our extensive expertise and local market knowledge to offer customized Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) solutions. Dedicated to empowering homeowners in Oildale, Kern County, and throughout California, we provide financial flexibility through our efficient and digital-first approach.

Why Choose Accelerated Lending Group?

  • ✔️ Fast and Easy:  Kickstart your financial journey with our streamlined online application process. Gain access to funds within just 5 business days, thanks to our bilingual and user-friendly platform.*

  • ✔️ Borrow Big:  Leverage up to $400,000 of your home equity to address unexpected needs or pursue your ambitions.

  • ✔️ Skip the Appraisal:  Benefit from our innovative process that eliminates the need for in-person appraisals, making your experience hassle-free.*

  • ✔️ Fixed Rates:  Find comfort in knowing your payments are predictable with fixed rates for every draw.

  • ✔️ Versatile Funding:  Our HELOC is crafted to support various objectives, whether it's for home renovations, consolidating debt, financing education, or jumpstarting a new venture.

Experience the Accelerated Lending Group Advantage

  • ✔️ No Impact on Credit Score for Pre-qualification:  Delve into financial opportunities without affecting your credit score. Our thoughtful pre-qualification process safeguards your credit health.

  • ✔️ Competitive Edge:  Our HELOC solutions give you a leg up, offering lower rates, smaller payments, and extended terms compared to traditional lending options.

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Leverage the inherent value of your home and pivot towards fulfilling your goals with Accelerated Lending Group. From home upgrades to debt consolidation or investing in future dreams, we're by your side.

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Disclaimer: Approval is contingent upon verification of income, employment, and property condition. The 5-business-day funding window assumes optimal conditions with an online notary. Terms, conditions, and state restrictions apply. Loan amounts and approvals are subject to property valuation, credit profile, and equity.

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