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👀Look no further than the Accelerated Lending Group DSCR program!

💪With minimal documentation requirements and a focus on the "As Is" value of the property, brokers can set themselves apart from competitors and position themselves as financing experts, leading to increased referrals and business growth.💪

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🏆Our program can help mortgage originators
maintain or even increase their loan volume despite fluctuating interest rates or tighter lending guidelines. 

🤝At Accelerated Lending Group, we value our broker partnerships and have streamlined our funding process by working closely with brokers who communicate directly with borrowers during the application and closing
stages. 🤝

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  • No Minimum DSCR Needed*

  • No Minimum Fico Score Required*

  • No Tradeline Requirements*

  • No Reserve Requirements*

  • No Seasoning Of Down Payment Required*

  • No Seasoning Of Closing Costs Required*

  • No Seasoning On Rate & Term*

  • No Seasoning On Cash-Out*

  • No Restrictions On Gift Funds*

  • No Rate Locks To Worry About*

  • No Prepayment Penalties*

  • No Early Pay-Off Penalties*

  • No Impounds Option Available*

  • Late Payments Ok*

  • Foreclosure Ok*

  • Bankruptcy Ok*

  • Lend to LLC Or Corporation Ok*

  • First-Time Investors Allowed*

  • Interest-Only Programs Available*

  • ITIN OK*

  • Max 4 Units*

  • Vacant Properties Okay*

Why Partner With Us

  • Local Decision Making Allows Us To Give An Initial Approval (Quick Answers)

  • We Can Usually Tell You Immediately If We Can Be Your Lender

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Sample Image


Upon receipt, the file will be reviewed and any missing items will be requested.*
 Incomplete files will not be submitted for approval.*
Once the file is approved, An updated conditions list will be emailed with any outstanding conditions.*
Our approval is subject to the information presented on the Initial submission.*
Should the final package be different than the Initial submission, your loan terms, rate & approval might differ.* 

Disclaimer: All loans are subject to the marketability, quality & condition of the subject property for approval.*
The programs advertised are not a commitment or guarantee from Accelerated Lending Group to lend.*
Programs, rates, and other terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, some restrictions apply*

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  • Up to 65 - 75% LTV of the property value - case by case basis*

  • Seller Contributions Ok* 

  • Minimum loan amount 50K*

  • Loan amounts up to 2 million*


  • Up to 60 - 70% LTV of the property value - case by case basis* 

  • Minimum loan amount 50K* 

  • Loan amounts up to 2 million*


  • Up to 60 - 70% LTV of the property value - case by case basis* 

  • Minimum loan amount 50K* 

  • Loan amounts up to 2 million*


  • Initial Submission Form & Checklist (See ToolBox Below)

  • Complete 1003 (Please submit in MISMO 3.4 Format)

  • Copy of credit report within 60 Days of submission (All Pages)

  • Copy of Valid Drivers License

  • Copy of Social Security Card or ITIN CARD

  • Copy of the borrower’s most recent first page only of the tax return.

  • * If the property is (or will be) in the name of an LLC, Corporation, Trust, Estate, etc. then we will need all documents pertaining to that entity (EIN #, Articles of Incorporation ). (The loan application package needs to be completed by the person who will be signing for the entity)

  • Statement of Information (See ToolBox Below)

  • Fully executed purchase agreement (If Applicable)

  • Copy of subject property insurance

  • Copy of most recent mortgage statement (For refinance loans)

TOOLBOX (Downloadable PDF Forms Below)

                                         TURN TIMES:


New Files (Purchase): 1-2 Business Days

New Files (Refi): 1-2 Business Days

Conditions: 1-2 Business Days


CTC MLDS Issuance: 1 Business Day

Loan Docs
Schedule at least 1 - 2 business days out from signed CTC MLDS

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